Research and Analysis

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To successfully launch a product or service in a crowded marketplace, you must first understand the potential of audience for your new offering, the needs and wants of that audience is the best way, not only to develop your product or service but to market it. With professionally compiled business research, you will receive all of this and the peace of mind knowing that your decisions are being made based on real-world data. Infolks provides you Strategic and tactical analysis across industry verticals with Custom reports for fast changing research scenarios, and also Superior research facilities & competent staff.

Call Centre Services

Inbound Services

Utilizing our expertise in client servicing, Infolks offers 24*7 impeccable inbound customer support to manage complete customer lifecycle from acquisition and assistance to service and engagement across all industries.

Outbound Services

To help you nurture your existing relationships and to forge new associations with your customers, we provide outbound call centre support focusing on first-rate interaction, quality engagement and service excellence.

Chat and Email

By providing round the clock email and chat support, we boast an omnichannel presence for effective resolution of your customer’s queries and grievances at the first point of contact to ensure distinguished value creation.

Transcription and Digitization services

Going a step beyond mere digital storage of information, we extend our elaborate digital transcription services where we convert data in digital images to digitized text with utmost precision. Once the text is digitized and meta-tagged, you’ll find it super easy to access, retrieve and machine-read the wealth of information seen in the scanned copies.

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Data Entry

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Our team of data entry professionals empowers you to increase operational efficiency, and above all save data entry budgets. Infolks is a specialist for data entry in India with the expertise to provide best-in-class data entry services like data mining, data processing, image processing, spreadsheets, form processing, and a lot more. Avail our world-class services whenever and wherever you need it

Finance And Accounting

Efficient cash-flow management, methodical accounting, and compliance with industry regulations are central to the financial well-being of any enterprise. Infolks comprehensive suite of customized Finance & Accounting BPO services enables your business to enhance its operational and financial agility by streamlining and optimizing key processes. Services we offer; Bookkeeping services, Accounting services, Accounts payable, Account Receivable, Tax preparation.

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Bank Office BPO Services

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Large volumes of data accrue on a daily basis, from various transactional processes such as order fulfilment, applications processing, transaction processing, billing, and collections that require effective back office solutions.

Digital Marketing Services

In today's competitive business environment, engaging people through digital channels is one of the key methods for businesses to acquire service and retain customers and also strengthen relationships with them. With our expert digital marketing services, Infolks, helps you to drive traffic to your business, generate leads, register sales and strengthen your reputation. Our performance-based digital marketing service offerings include: Search Engine Optimization, Social media Optimization, SEO Copywriting, content writing, email marketing, Affiliate Marketing Services and so on

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Creative Design Services

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Infolks provide world-class creative designs for global brands with high standard creative studio for writing & artwork. With expertise workforce and qualified designers we provide all sort of designing work such as; Design services, Artwork services, Video editing services, Writing services, Animation services, Graphic design services

Medical Data Entry

Hospitals along with other medical facilities generate substantial volumes of data. All specifics about the patients, their treatments, chart details, account information, insurance plans, claims data, admission, medical diagnosis, doctor's remarks, billing, and settlement records need to be stored in a proper manner. Digitizing this data and making it electronically accessible can be useful in streamlining operations and rendering better patient care

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Image Annotation

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Image annotation in machine learning is a process of labelling the data on images containing specific objects like humans, vehicles, objects to make it recognizable for machines. INFOLKS, No.1 annotating company. Without compromising the quality and having a triple level quality checking we impressed our clients.

Bounding Box

Bounding perfect boxes around the objects at the given frame for general object recognition eg. vehicles, humans, semaphore and more. In future leads to powering self-driving cars with more economical and safety benefits.


Generate boundaries of all objects in a frame with optimum precision which gives a well-defined idea about the shape and size of the object. The fastest, smartest and collaborative way to classify objects for machine learning.


Accurately mark all the required parts of the object in the image. eg; on a vehicle wheel, mirrors, lights are marked separately.

Face Detection

Face detection which is the most effective and modern technology for authentication. Detects and tracks faces fastly and accurately is done by image annotation.

Cuboid Annotation

Moulding a 3D high-quality label around the needed gadgets, vehicle, building or even humans for getting the overall space or volume of the object. mainly used in the field of construction and to understand medical 3D images (MRI, CT, etc).

Line & Splines Annotation

Perfectly draw lines along the road in case of, curves on road spline are drawn in the frames given, for getting the correct directions and routes of powering self-driving cars which is one the best product of AI.

Advanced Object Recognition

Quickly and accurately drawing a box through the boundary of objects and classify visual content using machine learning.AOR is getting very close to reality today, a few like labour fewer shops, robotics, fashion field.

Polygonal Annotation

Draw polygons around objects in an image and label them to a class. Moulding sharper models with higher precision can be done by polygonal annotations.

Aerial photography annotation

Images taken aircraft or other flying object are annotated and developed to machine learning technique, thereby mapping areas and tracking geological changes and water management as well as general geological research will be coherent.

Pixel Level Semantic Segmentation

In computer vision, semantic segmentation is the process of partitioning a digital image into multiple segments and thereby change the representation of an image into something that is more meaningful and easier to analyze. applications include self-driving vehicles, human-computer interaction, virtual reality etc.

How We Work

How We Work